Summary of the January 2012 NISOA Executive Council Meeting

The NISOA Executive Council held a scheduled meeting in Kansas City, Missouri from January 12, 2012 through January 14, 2012. The following issues were discussed/approved:

  • Lime green was approved as another alternate shirt color.
  • Major changes to the NISOA National Referee program were approved including:
    • Eliminating the current two year cycle for recertification and new applicants. Recertification and new applicants will be processed annually.
    • Modifications to the annual assessment requirements for National Referees.
    • Single day recertification/certification clinics will be located throughout the country, hosted by select local chapters.
    • National Referees and National Referee Applicants will take the fitness test with their local chapter and not at the recertification clinic.
    • Elimination of the National Referee Candidate category. Upon approved application, successful attendance at the clinic and attaining the minimum acceptable average score on the fitness test, the applicant will become a National Referee.
    • A revised application form was posted with lower application fees.
  • Renewal dues will not increase for the 2013 season.

Complete and detailed information regarding the National Referee Program changes will be posted on the NISOA web site in the upcoming weeks.

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