ECAC’s policy for canceled games is to reassign the affected officials with another game. If, at the end of the season, there are ECAC assigned games which had been cancelled and not filled with other ECAC games, there could be a credit carry forward to the following season for the fees associated with those games. At the end of the season, each official who had a significant number of games canceled should request a credit through Steve Rossetti at ECAC. Steve’s decision regarding any credit is final.

Since officials don’t pay an assigning fee on games assigned after the August 15 deadline, we anticipate only officials who had several games canceled after they paid their assigning fee will receive a credit on their fee for the following year.

NCAA Soccer Rules for Fighting

NCAA Soccer Rule states that, “A player, coach or bench personnel shall be ejected if he or she is guilty of fighting or leaves the coaching area to participate in an altercation.”  Also be aware that Rule states, “A coach or team representative may leave the coaching area during an altercation, providing it is an attempt to restore order.”

In the case where the entire team leaves the coaching area to participate in an altercation, each team member should be shown a red card and ejected for fighting except where Rule allows.

2011 NYMISOA Referee Awards And Coach’s Sportsmanship Ballot

All NYMISOA members are encouraged to vote for the four referee awards and three coach sportsmanship awards. Please download the ballot and follow the instructions indicated on it. The winners will be honored at the NYMISOA Annual Dinner on November 14, 2011.

NCAA Soccer Ejection Procedures

Please make sure you follow all required reporting requirements in case of an ejection. Minimum requirements are:

  1. Prepare and file the Supplemental Ejection Report for all NCAA (not junior college) ejections. One report per ejection.
  2. If the game is assigned by ECAC, fill out their online ejection report.
  3. If the ejection is for fighting, fill out this form at to notify the NISOA Region II (New York State) representative of the ejection.
Other conferences and conference assignors will have additional ejection reporting requirements. Make sure you are aware of all applicable ejection reporting requirements.