2010 NYMISOA Referee Awards and Coach’s Sportsmanship Ballot

All NYMISOA referees are encouraged to vote for the four referee awards and three coach sportsmanship awards. Please download the ballot and follow the instructions indicated on it. The winners will be honored at the NYMISOA Annual Dinner on November 15, 2010.

Goal Celebration Interpretation

During a recent match, a male player took off his shirt in celebration after scoring a goal. A question was asked on our message board about whether the NCAA considers this action misconduct. C. Cliff McCrath, NISOA’s Executive Director and The NCAA’s Soccer Rules Committee Secretary – Rules Editor’s interpretation follows: Read the rest of this article »

Extreme Heat Management

A local conference recently asked the NCAA about possibly suspending play to allow players to hydrate during soccer matches played in unusually hot conditions. The response from Cliff McCrath, Executive Director of NISOA and Secretary-Rules Editor of the NCAA Soccer Rules Committee follows: Read the rest of this article »