Randy Vogt Authors a Well-Received Book on Preventive Officiating

by Randy Vogt, member of the NY Metro ISOA chapter and designer of the chapter logos. Randy Vogt

I am psyched after writing and designing my debut book, Preventive Officiating. How cool is this?

It’s available on Amazon or on the book’s website.

As I am a first-time author writing about a niche subject, I could not find a publisher or agent who would help me get my book funded. That’s why there are so few soccer referee books on the market. So I spent a good deal of money by funding it myself.

Here are reviews from current and former NYMISOA referees:

Paul Yonick:
A very easy read and very informative for both new officials and old. I’ve been refereeing for 10 years, I’m also an instructor and I found many new points that I’ll use in the future. How the author explains his past experiences and relates them with the particular rule was excellent. It made me think of my own games and how I would have dealt with that situation. This excellent book is the Laws of the Game with a little twist.

Brian Koehn:
A superb, informative book that gets new referees off on the right foot and which experienced refs can learn from as well.

George Snizek:
Great book for any experienced referee who wants to refresh procedures or for the new referee to read how it’s done.

The books have been selling. But I need to sell many more to eventually realize a profit and be able to go to publishers and agents with a success story so that they will fund the other book ideas that I have.

If you could help me out by purchasing a book, it would be very much appreciated!!! The book sells for $14.99 retail. If you send me a check made out to Randy Vogt for that amount, I would gladly pay the postage costs myself and send you an autographed copy. My address is below.

Thank you very much,


Randy Vogt
3 Hillside Lane North
Syosset, NY 11791

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