National Soccer Hall of Fame to Close in Oneonta, NY

From the National Soccer Hall of Fame Web Site:

ONEONTA, N.Y. (February 10, 2010) – The National Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum announced its plan to change its current operating model to address its financial challenges while enhancing its ability to promote the history of soccer to the growing community of fans across the nation.
As part of the operating change, the Hall of Fame will close its Oneonta, N.Y., facility and relocate the collections and archives. Preliminary plans include distributing permanent displays for exhibition in several locations nationwide, while elements of the Hall’s archives not on display will be preserved in storage facilities provided by one of the Hall’s longtime corporate sponsors, Eurosport, located in Hillsborough, N.C.

The National Soccer Hall of Fame is unique among other similar institutions in that it hosted a section dedicated exclusively to referees, specifically NISOA intercollegiate soccer referees.

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