Randy Vogt featured in the NY Times Sports Section

George Vecsey writes a nice article about Randy Vogt even though it has nothing to do with his soccer officiating prowess.

Sports of The Times – Grandpa Loved Horses, or How a Filly Got Her Name – NYTimes.com.

2009 Chapter Award Winners

Referee Award WinnersSince 1964, the New York Metro Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NYMISOA) has been providing the officials for college and junior college games in New York City, Long Island and Westchester County. This year’s four referee award winners were honored at the NYMISOA Dinner on November 16, 2009 at The Sterling in Bethpage. The awards were selected by balloting from the general membership.

Lou Minutoli received the NYMISOA Service Award. Lou has served on the NYMISOA Board of Directors for nearly a decade and also schedules referees as the assignor for the vast number of ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference) games in the New York City metro area. “Lou has done an excellent job and handles his challenging role as an assignor with grace,” commented NYMISOA Executive Vice President Steve Lewin.

Paul Yonick, in his second year in the chapter, was voted as the NYMISOA New Official of the Year. Rich Gramolini, also in just his second year in the chapter, was selected by his peers as the NYMISOA Assistant Referee of the Year.

Minutoli, Yonick and Gramolini all serve as New York City firemen. “Both Paul and Rich are officials who have done a great job,” Minutoli said. “I am also proud that they are New York City firemen.”

The Official of the Year is not a fireman but his “real job” is in the elevator business. Lee Suckle was selected as the top official. “You look forward to officiating with Lee. He is immaculately prepared for each game and does a wonderful job,” commented NYMISOA President John Puglisi.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

During the October 27, 2009 chapter business meeting, Steve Lewin proposed an amendment to the constitution which would allow inactive members to have the right to hold chapter office. Steve described current circumstances which were making it difficult to recruit new members to the executive board. Members who no longer officiate actively still serve the chapter and membership as assessors but the current constitutional framework prevents these individuals from serving on the executive board.

In addition, we discussed making minor administrative changes which would allow the chapter president the discretion of appointing board members in cases where elected board members vacate during their term. Present wording requires the chapter president to fill vacancies via appointment. The executive board strongly recommends membership endorse the modifications as indicated here (color coded changes).

This notice satisfies the requirement for written notification to the membership. The modification will be voted up at the next scheduled business meeting on November 16, 2009.