Conference and NCAA Playoffs

2009 ECC Women's Soccer Playoff Final CrewAs the regular season is drawing to a close, conference and NCAA playoffs are approaching. Please take a minute or two to familiarize yourself with the special requirements of the NCAA Rules Book regarding playoffs. Specifically,

  • Tiebreaker Procedure of Penalty Kicks (Rule 7.1.2)
    • Coin toss determines who kicks first or second. We recommend the referee chooses which goal the kicks will be taken at before the game with the governing sports authority.
    • 10 different kickers are selected. If all 10 kickers take kicks, the order of taking kicks must be repeated.
    • The goalkeeper may not be replaced during the taking of kicks unless injured. The injury must be verified by an attending physician or certified trainer with approval from the governing sports authority.
  • Accumulated Cautions (Rule 12.18)
    • Player eligibility is to be determined by the governing sports authority. In some cases, coaches will ask the referee team whether a player is eligible to play because of their accumulated cautions. Please review the referenced rule and be prepared to advise the governing sports authority representative accordingly. If there’s any doubt or question about a player’s eligibility, allow the player to participate and file a report with the governing sports authority.

NCAA Substitutions

Apparently, there is still confusion about substitutions in the last five minutes of a match. From Cliff McCrath:

Not sure how ‘inconsistency’ slipped into the situation. Rule 3.6.2. is explicit: If the LEADING team makes a substitution the clock stops. No debate. It doesn’t matter whether the losing team initiates substitutions or is substituting on its own or chooses to substitute at the same time…the minute a substitute from the LEADING team substitutes the clock stops. Rule 3.6.3. is equally clear: It addresses the issue of either team substituting when neither is LEADING…i.e. a tied game: the clock does not stop. If there is any issue whatsoever it may relate to the fact that the committee didn’t add a 3.6.4. (before the current one) and separate the tie situation from the reference to the ‘losing’ coach. When the rule was introduced the committee believed it was clear enough to include both the tie and the losing coach reference in one rule. If it will help we’ll separate the two in the 2010-11 book. Once again, if either team is not leading i.e. ‘winning’ the game the clock is not stopped on any substitution. If one team is leading and that team substitutes during the last five minutes of the second period only the clock stops…regardless whether the losing team substitutes.

My best to all and I hope this helps.

C. Cliff McCrath, Secretary-Rules Editor NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rules Committee

2009 Chapter Awards

The Chapter Executive Board is soliciting input from the membership for the 2009 chapter awards. The chapter recognizes members for excellence on and off the field. The chapter also recognizes local colleges and universities for outstanding sportsmanship during the season. Please download the awards input form (PDF format) and follow the directions printed on it.

Please take a minute and RSVP for the Annual Awards Dinner as well.

2010 NISOA National Referee Program Clinic

The 2010 NISOA National Referee Program Clinic has been scheduled for July 9-11, 2010 at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Other clinic dates are June 4-6, 2010 at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California and June 18-20, 2010 at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.

Interested NISOA soccer officials should begin by downloading the appropriate documents, completing as directed, and forwarding them to their correct Regional Area Coordinator (Mark Butler is our Region II coordinator) by March 1, 2010.