NISOA Executive Board Appointments

NISOA President Larry Dorsey announced the following appointments to the NISOA Executive Board:

  • Cliff McCrath has been appointed the Director/Liaison of NISOA Communications.  Cliff’s primary responsibility will be to interface and serve as a liaison with our outside constituents such as the NCAA, NAIA, NSCAA, NCCAA, NJCAA, and others.
  • John Van de Vaarst has been appointed Director of Operations.  He will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of NISOA as well as long range planning.  He will manage the budget and expenditures, maintain and update all NISOA publications and the Policy Manual, and oversee the web page.  He will respond to questions from chapter contacts and members, and coordinate agendas for the Executive Council and Annual Conventions.  He will be responsible for the logistical planning for the Annual Convention, the NSCAA convention and all workshops and training programs of the various Program Directors.
  • Mario Donnangelo will continue as an Associate Executive Director, with additional responsibilities. He will handle all NISOA membership issues, coordinate the awards programs and be the primary contact with our insurance carrier and chapter contacts on insurance matters.

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