2008 NISOA Refresher Test

The 2008 NISOA Refresher Test is now available for download. This year, members will submit their answer sheet online. Answer sheets must be submitted before the annual rules interpretation meeting on August 23, 2008. All active members (including new members) are required to submit an answer sheet to maintain their good standing status. The procedure for taking the refresher test is:

  1. Download the test from our website. We recommend printing the test and writing your answers on the test itself.
  2. Log on to the web site and fill out your answer sheet. You do not have to fill out the entire answer sheet in one session. When you click on the ‘save and submit’ button, your answers will be saved. You may come back and finish at any time before August 23, 2008.

As always, you may use the NCAA Soccer Rules Book as a reference when you take the test. Please post any questions in the comments section.

2008-9 NCAA Soccer Rules Book

The 2008-9 NCAA Men’s and Women’s soccer rule book has been published and is available for download (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Overall, the rule changes are minor (more details here). The most significant rule changes include:

  • The penalty for a team which fails to provide an official game roster before the beginning of the game is a forfeit.
  • The diagonal system of control shall be used. There are listed exceptions for using the dual system only when an assigned official fails to appear for the game.

Rule changes will now be considered on a two year cycle. The current edition of the soccer rules book will apply for the 2008 and 2009 seasons. Specific rule interpretations and points of emphasis will be presented at the mandatory rules clinic in August.

ECAC Application Requirements

The ECAC now requires new officials to apply for ECAC membership and pay an application fee of $75. New chapter members should fill out this form to officiate ECAC assigned games. This requirement does not apply to veteran officials who have previously officiated ECAC assigned games.