Alberto Giordano Officiates The Steve Nash Charity Showdown

Alberto Giordano and Thierry HenryOur own Alberto Giordano was chosen to officiate the Steve Nash Charity Soccer Showdown in Chinatown on June 25, 2008. He’s the one in the pink on this youtube video. Look for Thierry Henry and Claudio Reyna in the video. Titi doesn’t look too pleased with Alberto’s sense of justice in this picture.

2008 Candidate Class

Congratulations to the following candidates who attended all four sessions of the NY Metro ISOA candidate course and passed the NISOA Qualifying Exam:

Michael Andreaccio, Richard Gramolini, Saam Jalayer, Giuseppe Manzo, David Poli, Mario Rivas, Rafal Wlazlo, Steven Wowk and Paul Yonick.

The candidates will qualify for chapter membership upon successfully passing the NISOA Physical Fitness test and attending the chapter Mandatory Rules Meeting.

Fitness Test Results Available via Email

Starting this year, we are maintaining the chapter’s NISOA fitness test results on the chapter’s web server. This will allow members to receive their test results directly via email. After the test results are recorded, members may go to our web site to request their results and score. Fitness test scores are not shared with assignors nor made publicly available.