2007 Empire State Games Part 2

NY Metro ISOA members, Mike Catalano, Phil Catalano, Klaus Mueller, Pat Pinzon and Lou Minutoli officiated the women’s open and scholastic Empire State soccer games played at Manhattanville College. Mike Catalano and Klaus Mueller officiated the gold medal games.

2007 Empire State Games

Jim MemosThe 2007 Empire State Games Men’s Open and Scholastic soccer matches were played in Rye Brook, NY and featured several NY Metro ISOA referees. John Leavy, George Bakaroudis, Jim Memos and John Puglisi officiated preliminary round games. Jim Memos (standout former LIU goalkeeper) was selected to referee the Men’s Open Gold Medal game with assistant referees, John Leavy and John Puglisi.

NISOA National Referee, Whitney Stark did a superb job coordinating the officials for all the men’s games.

ECAC Assignment Fees for 2007

We received the following information from ECAC regarding their assignment fees for the 2007 season:

Officials are urged to confirm their assignments, asap. Assignment fees are due in the ECAC office by August 15, 2007. Checks received after the due date will be subject to a $15 late penalty. Please send your check or money order (made payable to the ECAC) to Karen Roberts, ECAC Soccer, PO Box # 3, Centerville, MA 02632 in accordance with categories below and the actual number of game assignments (on the ECAC web site and Alan Wharton’s AssignByWeb site) you have been given on the release date, Monday, July 23, 2007.

Games Assigned Fee
1-5 games $40
6-10 games $65
11-15 games $85
16-24 games $100
25 or more games $150

NISOA National Referee Program

Our Region 2 representative, Neil Edkins, passed this information on to members who may be interested in the NISOA National Referee program.

NISOA’s National Referee Program is now open to accepting applications for entrance into its 2008 clinic program. Interested NISOA soccer officials should begin by downloading the appropriate documents, completing as directed, and forwarding them to their correct Regional Area Coordinator by March 1, 2008.

The NRP (its policies, NRP application and forms) has relocated to a new area in nisoa.com




This is the new location.

The Region 2 Area Coordinator is Mark Butler. Unfortunately, the NISOA web site is built in a manner which doesn’t allow direct access to subdirectories so we can’t link to this directly. You can read the NISOA policy for new national referee candidates here (pdf document).

2007 NISOA Refresher Test

The 2007 NISOA refresher test and answer sheet is available for download. Please complete the test, print the answer sheet, fill it out and mail it to Steve Lewin. You must submit an answer sheet by August 27, 2007 to remain a member in good standing. You may bring the answer sheet with you to the annual rules meeting.

We are not sure when the 2007 NCAA Soccer Rules Books will be mailed to you but in the meantime, you can view an electronic version of it on our web site. As always, the refresher test is ‘open book.’

Makeup NISOA Fitness Test

July 24, 2007
5:00 pmto7:00 pm

Due to the unusually large number of members who have not taken the NISOA fitness test at either of the chapter’s scheduled tests, we will offer a makeup NISOA Fitness Test at Murphy Field on Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, July 24, 2007. Members who did not attend either of the scheduled tests will be assessed a $50 fee if they choose to take this makeup test. Optionally, you may take the NISOA Fitness test with another chapter provided they are accepting guests.

Members who wish to improve their score are invited to attend the makeup test as well.

Other NISOA Chapter Fitness Tests

The NY Metro ISOA chapter has administered our final scheduled NISOA fitness test for the 2007 season. NY Metro ISOA members who have not yet taken the NISOA fitness test will have to make arrangements with other chapters to take the fitness test and have the results reported directly to Joe Danbusky. The New Jersey chapter and several New England chapters will administer NISOA fitness tests later this summer.

UPDATE: Makeup NY Metro NISOA Fitness Test Scheduled