Changing the Annual Rules Meeting Date

Our constitution requires us to hold the mandatory annual rules meeting on the fourth Saturday of August. The Executive Board has discussed moving the mandatory annual rules meeting for the following reasons:

  • Competitive games are scheduled as early as August 20th. Scrimmages (with officials) start in mid-August.
  • The last weekend in August is a popular family vacation time.

Traditionally, the college soccer season didn’t start until Labor Day. Rule changes were presented and discussed well in advance of the first games of the season. With many institutions starting their season in August, our rules clinic is presented too late.

Since the rule changes and new rule books are not distributed until June, the mandatory rules meeting can not occur before July. The second Saturday in August is a potential date for the mandatory rules meeting.

Changing the meeting date will require an amendment to the constitution so the 2007 meeting schedule remains unchanged.

Recently, the NCAA announced they will enact rule changes on a two-year cycle. It’s not clear when they will begin this procedure for soccer but this new procedure will alter the content (and duration) of the mandatory meeting. We could have the mandatory initial meeting on a weeknight when the NCAA rules do not change.

If you have any suggestions, recommended dates or opinions on this issue, please share them with us here. We want to hear from you. Thanks.

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