2017 NJCAA Soccer Rules of Competition

From: Jack Sweeney

NJCAA (Junior College) Rules

NJCAA Soccer Procedures – All Divisions Both Men and Women
Clarification on substitutions and timing procedures to follow at all NJCAA soccer games


1. Unlimited substitutions (NJCAA exception to the NCAA rule).

  • A team may sub on their own throw-in, their own corner kick, and any goal kick.
  • If the proper team does sub, and the other team has a sub waiting at half-field, they may also sub at that time.
  • Subs should always be waiting a half-field to enter the game, not in front of their team bench.
  • When a player receives a yellow card, a substitute must report for this player, until the next legal substitution period. This includes the goalkeeper.

Timing Procedures:

1. The clock does not stop during substitutions (Exception to the NCAA rule).

  • The clock only stops on goals, injuries where the referee indicates stoppage of play, and when the referee is issuing caution and ejection cards (referee indicates stoppage of play).
  • In the last five minutes of the game, if the team that’s ahead makes a substitution, the game clock is stopped. No stoppage of the clock shall occur if the game is tied or if the team is behind makes a substitute.
  • At the end of the game, the clock operator is to call out the last ten seconds, and sound the horn, indicating the end of the match.


1. TWO-Ten minute sudden-death periods

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