Fitness Test Comments and Clarifications

By: John Puglisi, Chapter President

Our chapter’s initial fitness test for 2017 occurred on June 14, 2017 at Kellenberg H.S. in Uniondale, NY. Aside from a couple of minor technical problems with the timing gates on the sprint portion of the test, I was extremely pleased with the test experience. I was especially pleased with the obvious commitment by the members to physically prepare and train for the new test. The results were overwhelmingly positive for a test which is more challenging (in my opinion) than our prior NISOA fitness test. Great job by everyone who prepared and took this test seriously.

In order to cut down on the email load I receive, here are a couple of points of clarification about the testing procedure and policy:

  • Historically, members were able to receive their fitness test scores via email. Since the new test is pass/fail and the data storage schema had to be overhauled, test results will not be available via email.
  • Members who are exempt from taking the fitness test with the chapter (U.S. Soccer Grade 6 and above registered with Eastern New York), do not have to provide documentation to the chapter. Klaus Mueller and Joe Danbusky are sharing that information.
  • The Executive Board has not considered a policy requiring new and probationary members to take the test with the chapter, even if they are exempt as described above. This issue will be discussed during Board meetings this fall.
  • Members who do not achieve the minimum standard on the fitness test will be placed in “Probationary” status for 2017. This is significantly different than last year where members who did not achieve the minimum standard were “not in good standing.” The Executive Board will formulate a policy for 2018 which I expect will be similar to prior policy.

Based on our experience with the test this week, we will need to modify the procedure for administering the July test. We only have access to the site for 2 hours and since the test duration is approximately 45 minutes for each group, we will not be forming groups on a “first come, first served” basis. The first group will begin the test at 9:00 am. The second group will begin the test at 10:00am. We will not be able to start another group after the 10:00 am group commences the test. If you are not onsite and ready to go by 10:00am, you will not be able to take the test. If you are planning on attending the July test, please schedule your travel accordingly.

Update June 18, 2017: I received an email asking whether a member can accept “probationary” status and not take the fitness test. Simple answer is “no.” Members are required to take the fitness test and make a good faith effort to achieve the minimum standard. Anything less is disrespecting the work your fellow members put in to prepare for the test.

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