2013 NCAA Soccer Ejection Reporting Procedures

The NCAA has modified the ejection reporting procedure for referee reporting. As indicated in this memo, referees will file their report on the NCAA Soccer Central Hub on AribterSports.com using an NCAA specified username/password combination. This combination is different from the official’s personal username/password combination to log in for assignments. You must be signed into Arbiter using your personal username/password before you can access the ejection form. NCAA has also eliminated the separate form for reporting Referee Assault and Fighting. All ejections in NCAA soccer games will be reported using the new consolidated form.

In summary:

  1. Sign into ArbiterSports.com with your personal username/password.
  2. Go to the NCAA Soccer Central Hub and click on “Red Card Form.”
  3. Enter the NCAA specified username/password to access the ejection report.

Please remember that some conferences like ECAC and conference assignors have additional ejection reporting requirements and notifications so please make sure you do all the required administrative reporting. You can review all articles about ejections here.

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