October 22, 2018

Fuschillo Community Center, Carle Place, NY


Meeting called to order at 7:30

John Puglisi opens meeting with housekeeping items. Steven Wowk urged members to get dues in before November but that the chapter is financially secure to get them in at the dinner meeting. George Snizek brought up the suggestion of adding a late charge for dues submitted after November 1st. Members were informed that late charges would apply both nationally and locally after December 31st.


John Puglisi gave a clinic on Kicks from the Mark with playoffs right around the corner. Attention was emphasized on differences between the NCAA Kicks from the Mark and the IFAB Kicks from the Mark procedure. John showed a clip that brought up discussion amongst the members. It highlighted how regardless of what type of match it is, ever member of the crew must be prepared.


Meeting is dismissed at 8:30

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