August 11, 2018

Fordham University, Bronx, NY

Meeting begins at 9:10 due to fire alarm going off in building at 8:40. 58 members in attendance, 5 guests.

Clinic regarding the "Thinking Referee" presented by John Puglisi and John Collins (Connecticut) specifying how referees need to think about more than just what is in front of them. The clinic was very interactive and well received by the membership.

A second clinic primarily presented by John Puglisi was presented and there was much discussion regarding the multiple video clips.

On conclusion of the clinics the business portion of the meeting began at 11:30.

Steven Wowk spoke to the membership about the responsibilities of each member to stay in good standing. Additionally, he spoke about the benefits of using the nisoa.com site as well as the message boards (forums).

The financial situation of the chapter was discussed (statement of operations for the past year posted for the membership on the chapter's forums). Alan Wharton made a motion to increase chapter dues by $20 for each member and was seconded by John Puglisi. Discussion ensued and a vote was taken with the membership unanimously supporting the motion. Motion passed. New dues can be found on the chapter message boards.

More talk about where the finances of the chapter was spoken about. The topic of E&O insurance was brought up and the membership was told the Executive Board would look into the matter.

The item of elections was brought up and the current slate of nominations was presented to the membership. Alan Wharton asked if the membership would be interested in voting at this meeting. The response to the idea was positive. John Puglisi mentioned that the rules in the constitution stated that a slate is to be presented at one meeting and voted on at the next. John made a motion to suspend the rules laid out in the constution and was seonded by multiple members of the chapter. The rules thus being suspended, nominations for each available position were voted one at a time. As there were no nominations from the floor, the secretary casted a single vote for each nominee. The members elected are as follows with their terms commencing on 1/1/2019:

President: Saam Jalayer

Executive Vice President: Alan Wharton

1st Vice President: Jim Memos

2nd Vice President: Alric Williams

Upon conclussion of voting members were asked if there was any other new business. Alan Wharton inquried to John Puglisi (current President of NISOA & NYMISOA) on why NISOA introduced new uniforms and his disappointment on there not being an opportunity for NISOA members to add their input beforehand. John Puglisi spoke of the rational of the change with the idea that NISOA needed to present a new image to the public as well as other item. 

The issue of assessor fees was brought up by Vito Rizzi and John Puglisi advised that the Executive Board would discuss the issue at their next meeting.

John Puglisi thanked Steven Wowk for the spread of food and drink he provided for the membership and thanked the membership for their attendance.

Meeting adjourns at 12:35

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