September 12, 2017

Clinton G. Martin Community Center, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting begins at 7:40

John Puglisi started the meeting by acknowledging the accomplishments of Joe Zawistowski, who is advancing in the professional ranks, and Victoria Catanzaro for her assignment to US Soccer first ever female Development Academy game. The meeting continued with stating that 4 out of every 5 protests are due to ineligible players due to red cards not being properly reported and yellow card accumulation. John made a point that illegal players have an effect on coaches when they are used illegally as the rules have stated suspensions for coaches when they use illegal players. Referees have an impact when red cards are not reported correctly and in a timely manner. This lead up to the clinic for the evening on fighting. The clinic detailed the definition of fighting, what the procedure is to eject a player for fighting and how to report a fighting incident. Fighting is applicable to all players as well as any and all bench personnel. At the time when a fighting ejection occurs, the players, coaches and scorekeeper must be notified and a fighting report must be submitted to the NCAA within 24 hours.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 

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