September 13, 2016

Clinton G. Martin Community Center, New Hyde Park, NY


  1. Danbusky, S. Lewin, J. Memos, K. Mueller, M. Pappas, J. Puglisi, A. Wharton, S. Wowk

Meeting called to order by President John Puglisi at 7:32 PM

John welcomed members and summarized requirements for good standing status. He also announced a need for AR coverage of an upcoming Molloy game. Anyone available should contact John Collins.

John Puglisi commented on Ayo Obisesan’s officiating the Marist/Army game, with the winning goal scored at the end of the match. John reflected on the Video Review clinic given at the August mandatory meeting, noting that Ayo did not call for a video review and the crew got the call right, in spite of the lack of a countdown and an audible horn at the end of the match.

John informed members of Mark Pappas’ appointment to the Board. Mark will form a committee to evaluate the chapter’s financial status and investigate ways the chapter can economize to bring its bank balance to a stable position. Mark petitioned members to join the committee and encouraged all members to state any ideas they may have to improve the chapter’s financial condition. Mark pointed out that these decisions will affect 2017 and beyond; the 2016 operations are already set in place.

John advised members that NISOA re-opened the rules test on line. He urged members who had not yet taken it to do so soon, as failure to do so affects their good standing status.

Brief discussion of schools without stable venues to play in. (Columbia [construction], NYU. Does anyone still play at Met Oval?

Joe Danbusky gave a clinic on Referee Positioning. Five videos were looked at and analyzed for the referee crew’s position and whether or not their positioning helped or hindered the flow of the matches observed. The objective of the clinic was to have the center official be close enough to play to view the ARs, take any information they may have and make the proper decision without getting in the players’ paths of movement.

Motion to close: Steve Lewin; second: Mark Passiatore.

Meeting adjourned 8:50 PM

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