October 20, 2015

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order by Executive Vice-President Steve Lewin at 7:32 PM. In preparation for post-season play, Steve reviewed the overtime procedures, including kicks from the mark to determine winners in playoff games. Steve also reminded members of the requirement for professional dress and appearance.

Balloting for sportsmanship and chapter recognition has been woeful up to this point. Balloting needs to be concluded by 24 October. (Note: ballots were mailed to the Secretary-Treasurer for distribution at this meeting. They did not arrive in time).

Steve also reminded members of their requirement to pay their dues in a prompt manner. In addition, a plea was extended for members to acknowledge online their preferences for attendance and choice of meal at the Awards dinner.

Steve Wowk informed the members of an email received by the Executive Board from Eamon Hannifin, Game Operation manager at NYC Social Sports Club. He is reaching out to the chapter for officials to work the leagues that play within his club. NYC Social Sports Club hosts casual and competitive leagues year-round, indoor and outdoor throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. After researching  the NYC Social Sports Club, Steve Wowk informed members that they do not appear to be affiliated with any organization. Any member interested should get further information through the chapter's message board.

Motion to adjourn unanimously approved 8:00 PM

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