September 15, 2015

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order by Executive Vice-President Steve Lewin at 7:35 PM. Steve discussed the problem of assignments in the ECAC conference. Prior to the season, Jack Sweeney assigned ECAC and scheduled officials for matches. There was subsequently a change is assignors. Steve Rossetti became the ECAC assignor and Jack Sweeney continued to assign the junior colleges. Problems arose when Rossetti cancelled all assignments done by Sweeney and reassigned the games. Then, Sweeney and Rossetti addressed the problem and some (not all) games were returned to officials originally assigned by Sweeney. Steve Lewin commented that the bulk of this particular problem seemed to affect NYU games. Jim Memos pointed out that the chapter was unaware of who all the assignors were and what conferences they assigned. He said he would collect that information. Discussion was held regarding the Ivahnenko system of assigning matches (GAPS) posted by him to some, but not all, members of the chapter. There appears to be a selectivity or favoritism in this manner of assigning. Many of the chapter members voiced their annoyance about the dwindling number of assignments being made available to the chapter's officials. Joe Danbusky interjected that this Ivahnenko method was nothing new, and has been going on for years.

Joe Danbusky asked for acceptance of the minutes of the previous (August 29th) meeting. Motion to accept: Mark Passiatore; seconded: Mike Godi. Joe then asked attending members if anyone had encountered any injuries on the field in their matches so far. Jim Memos related a collision injury in one of his games. This was a perfect transition into the clinic portion of the meeting: Concussion Awareness. Joe presented a short video describing mild and severe traumatic brain injuries and their effect upon the brain. Several game videos were then shown demonstrating various collisions and how officials responded to the incidents. The videos generated much discussion among those present. The conclusion of the clinic emphasized officials' awareness of collision/concussion symptoms, knowledge of the presence and location of health care personnel assocoiated with teams, summoning of health care personnel onto the field quickly when a concussive event  occurs and the adherence to the concussion protocol spelled out on pages 19 and 81 of the NCAA Rule Book.

Motion to adjourn: Steve Lewin; Seconded: Sonny Imbrogno. Meeting adjourned 8:40 PM


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