August 29, 2015

New York Institute of Technology, Greenvale, NY

Meeting was called to order by President John Puglisi at 9:03 AM. John welcomed chapter members and invited guests to the NY Metro annual mandatory rules clinic. .

Chapter Secretary-Treasurer Joe Danbusky introduced all officials new to the chapter: through transfer, Elizabethtown Referees Camp and the chapter's own Candidate School which is conducted during the winter months.

Joe then presented the chapter's Statement of Operations, highlighting the revenues received and expenses incurred during the period August 25th 2014 to August 29th, 2015. The chapter bank account balance at August 29th was $2,958.48. Joe asked for a motion from the floor to accept the financial statement as presented. Motion made by Steve Lewin; seconded by Steve Wowk.

John the presented a two-part, in-depth clinic regarding the revisions to the Offside Rule by NISOA. NISOA and U.S.Soccer are now in synch, with both organizations striving to correctly apply the concepts set forth in the Offside Rule 11 (Law 11). Many videos were shown and vigorously discussed by the membership. Some long-time members admitted to having difficulty adapting to the new interpretations. Some members said they were "not comfortable" with decisions now being made. John correctly pointed out that the thrust of the clinic was to have the chapter's officials be thoroughly familiar with the new interpretation and apply the concepts correctly throughout the upcoming collegiate season. The membership was largely in agreement with the concepts after having seen and discussed the many film clips shown.

John introduced Jack Sweeney, Assignor for the Junior colleges. Jack spoke briefly about the organizational problems currently and continuously beleaguering the East Coast Athletic Conference (ECAC). He then touched upon the differences in game rules when doing Junior college games: substitutions, cautions, etc. He thanked the membership for their ongoing efforts in managing the junior college games and wished everybody a successful collegiate season. 

The floor was opened to questions relative to chapter operations and all inquiries were satisfactorily answered.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 11:43 AM.

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