October 20, 2014

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order by President John Puglisi at 7:35 PM.

Motion to accept previous meeting's minutes made by Steve Lewin, seconded by Steve Meyers.

John Puglisi reviewed Kicks from the Mark procedure to determine a winner, as the playoffs loom. He reminded members that coaches may change the order of kickers after ten kicks for a team has taken place. Other topics discussed were clock management, stopping the clock for assessment of an injury, and why referees are stopping the clock for fouls at the end of a period of play.

Steve Wowk addressed membership concerning officials telling coaches about rules and giving incorrect information. This results in an issue for future referee crews working games at that school.

Steve Lewin addressed members regarding Alternate Official assignments for post-season. If members are assigned match as an Alternate Official, they are to bring the Alternate Official paperwork with them to the game. The forms are available for download on the NISOA website.

Peter Shank raised the question  of how members can contact assignors to get more games.

Robyn Crawford-Smith asked if a list can be made available of Assignors and the schools they assign.

A discussion ensued regarding game assignments dwindling. Officials are now working local high school games, as there is more availability for those matches.

Brendan Mullarkey queried the Board regarding the referee assault at Aviator Field. A discussion ensued among chapter members. John Puglisi informed members that the Board was still gathering information about the incident and that the officials working the match had not yet been interviewed.

Meeting adjourned 8:12 PM.

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