September 15, 2014

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order 7:40 PM by President John Puglisi.

Motion to accept minutes of 23 August meeting. Motion to accept by Steve Lewin; second by Mark Passiatore. Minutes accepted unanimously by membership.

Joe Danbusky reminded members of dues obligations. He reminded members of the change of the date for the Awards dinner to 17 November 2014.

Steve Lewin presented two candidates running for filling position of Second Vice-President, such position to be vacated by Randy Vogt on 31 December 2014. Candidates are Jim Memos and Steve Wowk. Neither candidate chose to address membership. John Puglisi praised both candidates for their efforts as appointed members of the Executive Board. Steve distributed ballots to members in attendance (50) for compilation of results later in the meeting.

Steve Orozco addressed members regarding his graduate program research project. He wishes to tabulate people’s opinions on sports activity and its effect on education. He said the questionnaire could be done via telephone and would be completed in approximately thirty minutes. He asked that members, if interested, speak to him at the conclusion of the meeting.

John Puglisi advised membership that all meeting dates going forward at least three years are posted on the chapter website and that members utilize this information when making plans.

John addressed the NISOA policy on concussion management. He cited a recent incident that occurred in the second overtime period of a match. Randy Vogt then elaborated the details of the head injury, corroborated by Mark Passiatore. Vigorous discussion ensued among membership regarding the administration of this policy by officials.

John polled the members for any issues of concern. Dave Poli addressed payments through ArbiterPay reflecting a reduction of the game fee by a certain amount. This must be resolved with  conference assignor and Arbiter.

John presented a clinic on “Reading the Game”… a follow-up to the clinic co-presented with Lee Suckle at the 23 August meeting. Tonight's clinic shows eight video clips of incidents occurring in one game: Women, Division 1, University South Florida vs. Clemson, non-conference match. Each of the clips presented challenges to the officials in match control. Vigorous discussion ensued following each of the clips.

Steve Lewin announced the results of balloting: Jim Memos prevailed by a large margin.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 PM.

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