August 23, 2014

New York Institute of Technology, Greenvale, NY

Meeting called to order by President John Puglisi at 9:10 AM, after a continental breakfast available an hour prior to scheduled start time.

John welcomed all chapter members in attendance (77) and guests from other chapters (2).

Joe Danbusky, chapter Secretary-Treasurer, reminded all members to pick up their “packets” which contained the Statement of Operations, a handout on Officiating college and junior college soccer games for 2014 and a “cheat sheet” detailing the intricacies of Rule 3 – Substitutions. Joe then introduced the new officials for 2014:

Harlan Grossman – currently in school at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Nina Ottaviano,, who joined the chapter from the Elizabethtown camp and Francesco Rizzi. Members provided a warm welcome.

John Puglisi presented the NCAA 2014 Soccer Rules Changes.

After a short break, John and Lee Suckle presented clinics dealing with Reading the College game and Dealing with Misconduct. Both presentations were intertwined, as evidenced by the videos shown and the lively discussions generated resulting therefrom.

John Puglisi gave  a brief presentation on Consistency  in officiating.

Jack Sweeney, ECAC Assignor, addressed members regarding availability, prompt arrival to matches, notification of game results and/or any issues, especially red cards.

Guests were excused and the chapter conducted a brief business meeting. Steve Lewin, Executive Vice President, announced that both he and John Puglisi would run again for another two year term. Alan Wharton was voted to assume the position of  First Vice President after Randy Vogt completes his term at year’s end. Nominations were taken from the floor for the position of Second Vice President. Candidates are Jimmy Memos and Steve Wowk. This position will be voted on at the September 15th business meeting. All other Board positions were approved by membership for anothe term.

There were no significant issues brought from the floor during open discussion.

Meeting adjourned 12:10 PM

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