October 1, 2013

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order by Executive Vice-President Steve Lewin at 7:30PM.

Steve reminded members to use the election ballots in voting for sportsmanship recognition (schools) and chapter officials’ recognition.

A brief discussion was held regarding no-shows at games and the impact upon both the official and the chapter. Steve pointed out that younger officials, if chosen for a playoff game as an alternate official or assistant referee, should not be discouraged, but rather, embrace the assignment. It is a way of being recognized by conference personnel and could lead to future post-season assignments.

Steve also talked about missing assignments on purpose in favor of a more prestigious match. This should be presented by the official directly to the assignor rather than turning back a game for some made-up excuse. Assignors talk to each other; if they discover you have been less than honest with them, it will be considered a mark against you and your services may not be sought as a result.

Steve the presented a recap of the Referee magazine article published in the February 2013 issue, “8 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation”. Some of the article content pointed out by Steve generated lively discussion among members.

Meeting adjourned 8:32PM.

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