September 17, 2013

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY


Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM by President John Puglisi.

Minutes of previous meeting (24 August) were summarized and accepted. Members responded favorably to the presentations given by Don Wilbur. John polled members and they agreed that future clinics of this kind would indeed be welcomed. Joe Danbusky, chapter Treasurer noted, however, that certain costs accompany the presentation of such a clinic: plane fare and accommodations of the clinician. These are both big ticket items. The current treasury, while able to handle the expense, incurred large charges during the year for uniform shirts, convention expenses, the annual awards dinner as well as the clinic costs.

Randy Vogt distributed awards ballots for selection of chapter recognition of officials. He also recounted ethics issues and reminded anyone who was sanctioned that fines are due by 01 October. He then addressed members about the situation regarding unanchored goals. Ten chapter officials have allowed this during games so far this season. He urged members to not play the game if the home team cannot resolve issues regarding unanchored goals.

Joe Danbusky interrupted the discussion and handed out copies of a compilation of deaths and serious injuries over a thirty-three year period. This data was compiled by www.anchoredforsafety.org. Membership was urged to assure that goals were anchored.

John then discussed offside and the concepts of interfering with play and interfering with an opponent. Interfering with play means touching the ball; interfering with an opponent means challenging for the ball.

He then presented a PowerPoint on consistency, analyzing video clips of match situations. This generated much discussion among the membership.


Meeting adjourned 8:35 PM.

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