October 22, 2012

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order by Steve Lewin at 7:35PM.

Steve noted that this final business meeting before the Awards dinner, is always the least attended.

Steve reminded members to fill out the sportsmanship and chapter awards ballots and return them to Randy Vogt as soon as possible. This is required so plaques can be made to be distributed at the Awards dinner.

Joe Danbusky advised members of their responsibility to pay dues for 2013. Active dues are $160; inactive dues are $80. Dues will be accepted mostly at the Awards dinner and thereafter until mid-December. Once the NISOA chapter registration is prepared , any unpaid member will be dropped from the roster. Joe reminded members  that the chapter website  automatically generates a “nagging” e-mail reminder about dues payment. This e-mail goes out every ten days until payment is recorded. Joe is a little backed up on paperwork right now, but should be caught up within the next week to ten days.

Steve reminded members that the chapter Treasury will purchase a green short sleeve NISOA jersey for all active officials. Shirts can be ordered on-line through the chapter website. Distribution of the shirts has not yet been determined.

Steve recounted the fitness test problems encountered this year. Steve told members that, after the July fitness test session, he will contact the assignors and advise them of all members who failed to achieve a passing score on the fitness test. It becomes the responsibility of the member to go to another chapter to re-take a failed fitness test. Our chapter will only run the two sessions we usually have: weekday evening in June, Saturday morning in July. If members take the fitness test at another chapter, the Secretary of that chapter must forward all scores for all four events (# laps covered in 12 minute run, time in seconds for events 2 through 4). A broad-based “John Doe has satisfactorily passed the NISOA fitness test” is unacceptable. When Steve receives the information from the chapter Secretary, he will update the assignors. Members should consult the chapter website for scheduled dates; the calendar is set in January or February of each year. As other nearby chapters schedule their dates, we will post that information on the website as well.

Pat Pinzon spoke of the lack of printer capability at the field at SUNY Old Westbury to generate a post-game report. Joe Danbusky noted that US Merchant Marine Academy pays officials on game day (by check). It was also noted that the first date of payment by ECAC has been missed.

Randy Vogt re-emphasized the procedure for contact among officials scheduled on a match. Put the onus on the school to have the correct date / location of the match.

Alan Wharton spoke of payment to officials for games cancelled at the last minute. That is not addressed in the current ECAC contract, which runs another two years.

Klaus Mueller noted that seven assessments of chapter members have been done to date.

Meeting adjourned 8:15PM


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