October 16, 2012

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order by President John Puglisi at 7:30PM.

Minutes of the previous meeting were summarized and accepted by the membership.

Randy Vogt advised members of the work of the Ethics committee. This year, more than in previous years, the committee has dealt with good standing issues among members. Randy emphasized the committee does not automatically fine members; it looks into circumstances on a case-by-case basis. He referred to the NISOA Code of Ethics and suggested members familiarize themselves with it, as the chapter also follows the Code.

Randy handed out two forms: a nomination form for sportsmanship and chapter award recognition, and a “cheat sheet” detailing the logic(?) behind the collegiate substitution rule.

John Puglisi discussed the fitness test problems encountered this year. Members who had failed the fitness test accepted and continued to work college games, in spite of their failure to pass a fitness test and thus, maintain good standing status. Assignors are involved in this situation to an extent. Some assignors, when notified of the failed members’ names, pulled their schedules; other assignors did not. Assignors only want to cover the games. John urged members to do the right thing: be aware of and adhere to the good standing requirements. If you are working a match with someone you don’t know, try to verify that official’s qualifications. If you determine that the official is not qualified, decline the game! Assignors will eventually realize that matches are to be staffed by NISOA officials only.

John then presented several video clips showing fouls, misconduct, challenges and offside situations. The clips generated much discussion among the membership. Since no two people see a situation the same way, the discussion was beneficial to everyone as it gave insight into the thought processes surrounding the observance of and dealing with the infraction shown. Perhaps these clips will become a part of future business meetings.

Meeting adjourned 8:40PM

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