September 10, 2012

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY


Meeting called to order at 7:30PM by President John Puglisi. John summarized the key points of the interpretation meeting held in August at NY Institute of Technology. Motion to accept prior meeting's minutes made and seconded.

Steve Lewin presented the slate of officers for 2013/2014. Voting will be held tonight on this slate, as a quorum is present. All positions except Secretary-Treasurer are two year terms; Secretary-Ttreasurer is a 4 year term:

President: John Puglisi
Secretary-Treasurer: Joe Danbusky
Executive Vice-President: Steve Lewin
First Vice-President: Randy Vogt
Second Vice-President: Alan Wharton

All officers elected by acclamation. Steven Wowk was appointed to the Board by John Puglisi. The non-voting Board members are Alberto Giordano (currently inactive), Klaus Mueller, Steve Meyers and Steve Wowk.

John queried members to discuss any problems on the field.
Reinaldo Palencia raised the issue of coaches (or asistants) coaching from the stands.
Vito Rizzi asked about game reports for ECAC and Junior college games.
Will Kolb advised members of parking problems at Macombs Dam Park.
Peter Shank advised members that games at Farmingdale University: obtain a parking pass from campus security.
Mike Senkier advised of extra balls on the field at field 50 & 51 at Randalls Island. Also, parking on grass at those fields will lead to a ticket.
John Puglisi advised to use specifics when writing game reports; especially fighting/ejection reports. On ejections, a red card must be shown; the player(s), both coaches and the scorers table must be told of the ejection.

John Puglisi presented video clips of Fouls and Misconduct for a "You Make the Call" exercise among the membership. The clips provided animated discussion of infractios and sanctions given.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:32PM. 

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