August 25, 2012

New York Institute of Technology, Greenvale, NY


Meeting called to order at 9AM by President John Puglisi, after light breakfast.

John welcomed everyone and presented Board members, past and present, to the group.

Joe Danbusky presented the Treasurer's report and introduced new officials:
Rosario Candela (absent), Ernie Constantine and Robin Crawford-Smith.

John Puglisi presented Rules changes for 2012.

Joe Danbusky presented the most incorrectly answered questions from the NISOA National Referees Test.

Mary Bradbury, ECAC Director of Officiating, addressed members regarding current ECAC policies and procedures.

John Puglisi presented video clips of fouls and misconduct; an exercise in "You Make The Call".

Jack Sweeney, ECAC Assignor, discussed procedures for assignments through ECAC (Presto Sports) and the Jumior colleges (Arbiter).

Non-chapter attendees were excused, and a business meeting commenced.

Steve Lewin presented the slate of officers for upcoming elections. The chapter officers remain unchanged; nominations from the floor were soliicited to replace the vacant spot due to the death of Dennis Botsaris. Alan Wharton was nominated and seconded to fill the vacancy. Voting will occur at the September 10, 2012 business meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.

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