October 25, 2011

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM by President John Puglisi. He reported the following:

  1. Officials have to be more diligent in dealing with occurrences of incidental foul language. Too often, obscenities are heard by spectators, coaches and other players that are disturbing to the game and are gone unsanctioned. NCAA Rule 12.5 warrants a caution for any player, coach, team representative or participant listed on the official roster for using profane language in an incidental manner. Feedback from the current collegiate season indicates that officials have not been dealing with the language issue in the prescribed manner.
  2. Game reports include the signing of the official NCAA box score and reporting ejections and other matters of game misconduct to the governing sports authority. Officials have been lax in their post-game duties in this area. Too often, schools do not have a score book document available; the officials leave the field after the match and there is no written record of the game results and other pertinent information.
  3. Fighting incidents (which require an automatic ejection) seem to be misunderstood by officials in Region II. NCAA Rule requires the official to inform the regional representative (John Puglisi) of a fighting incident either by telephone, fax or e-mail utilizing a completed fight reporting form. The regional representative then contacts the athletics director of the ejected player’s institution within 48 hours to inform him or her of the fighting ejection. So far this season, 2 fighting reports have occurred in the downstate area; 6 incidents have occurred in the upstate region.
  4. NISOA is considering a policy change involving registration of officials as either active or inactive and the resulting fees associated therewith. More information will be forthcoming.
  5. NISOA will no longer publish a newsletter. It will now be available online through a link on the NISOA website.

Joe Danbusky reminded members of the dues requirement. Dues will be accepted through the date of the Awards dinner. He also urged members to vote for sportsmanship and chapter recognition.


Meeting adjourned 8:05PM.

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