October 4, 2011

Knights of Columbus, New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order by Vice-President Steve Lewin, 7:30PM.

After Ethics Committee did follow-ups, it was determined that about six or seven people did not take the refresher test. Steve informed members that future tests will be on-line. Procedure for submission, either electronically or by written documents will alleviate problems in the future. Steve reminded members that if a refresher test is not taken, member is not in good standing and game schedule will be taken back.

Steve asked members if they had experienced any problems in their matches --- no response. Steve reminded members of the requirements of Junior college matches and that they differ from NISOA requirements: know the rules of the competition you are officiating!

Steve asked members to keep availability current, and informed members that Lou Minutoli needed 2 ARs for a women’s game tomorrow, 5 October 2011 at 4PM at Diamond in the Pines (St. Joe’s women).

Randy Vogt addressed members concerning sportsmanship ballots (forms distributed to all attending members) and stressed the importance of voting. He then went over the procedures for voting and who is eligible in the voting process.

Joe Danbusky handed out copies of the financial statement of the chapter to those interested.

Joe Danbusky presented a PowerPoint presentation of Critical Incidents – 2011 compiled by NISOA from the 2010 collegiate season. As the DVD contains 50 video clips, it would be impractical to address all of the plays highlighted; ten were selected for viewing and analysis / discussion. After viewing the fourth clip in the series, a technical glitch occurred and the remainder of the presentation had to be shelved for possible showing at a future date.

Discussion by members of ECAC “fee” paid for games assigned, then lost games because of game schedule changes or cancellations. (ex: Medgar Evers dropped its schedule after 15 September)

Lance Smith asked what rationale was for memorandum of understanding with ECAC this year. Steve related ECAC problem of retaining schools playing soccer in their conference. Alan Wharton asked that the chapter express concerns to ECAC. Jay Gurka advised members to confirm game location frequently, as schools move venues and start times around. Officials are at a disadvantage if not current on game changes. Steve advised calling Athletic office of home school on match day to confirm time/location.


Meeting adjourned 8:20PM

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