AUGUST 28, 2010
New York Institute of Technology

The first business meeting of the 2010 college season was held at the conclusion of the interpretation meeting conducted in the Hall of Fame Lobby of NY Institute of Technology on 28 August 2010. There were 78 chapter members plus two guests from other chapters.

Steve Lewin presented the slate of officers for the upcoming term elections. Slate is identical to the current chapter officers. Voting will occur at the September 15, 2010 business meeting.

Joe Danbusky presented the financial statement to members. Motion to accept by Steve Lewin, second by Randy Vogt.

John opened the discussion to the floor. Mike McDonald opined that he was being discriminated against by "them"... in not receiving adequate assignments. Mc Donald asked that all "senior" members of the chapter contact him so that he may pursue this issue further. John Puglisi advised McDonald that the chapter does not have, nor ever had, a chapter assignor, and suggested he take up the issue with the assignors.

Alan Wharton spoke briefly about concussions in soccer and what procedures should be followed. This dialogue was a result of one of the clinics presented at the meeting.

There being no other business, motion to adjourn by Joe Danbusky, second by Klaus Mueller. Meeting adjourned 11:40AM.

Next business meeting: Wednesday, 15 September 2010.

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