OCTOBER 7, 2009
New Hyde Park, NY

Membership told about opening on the board for this coming year. If anyone interested let Steve Lewin know.

Rule discussion

Coach is allowed on the field to see to an injured player, but may not talk to other players about strategy at that time. ( As player leaves the field let him tell some players to change positions if necessary. )

Question about threats from spectators to referees, players, or coaches - this is not to be tolerated. Stop the game and have site supervisor handle. If no site supervisor, tell the home coach. If nothing is done stop the game and report it as a suspended game to the assignor. Be ready to write a report on the incident.

Randy Vogt is chairing the ethics committee. He gave a list of reasons for ethics violations and what will probably be the appropriate fines. If you get a letter from the Ethics committee answer it and enclose any supporting documentation.

Randy also reviewed the form for the revised awards process. Hopefully it will be online later this week, the only change being name - not SS#. Please be specific about the name of the , i.e. New York - is that NYU, NYIT, NYC Tech?????

Steve Lewin reminded members about making the required number of meeting to make this year and gave the dates for the next meeting ( 10/27 ) and the dinner ( 11/16 ).

Lou reviewed ECAC assignments and told members if you have a problem call him.

Meeting adjourned 8:40.

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