AUGUST 29, 2009
New York Institute of Technology

As required in the chapter constitution, a brief business meeting was held at the conclusion of the annual rules interpretation meeting. This year's mandatory meeting was held at New York Institute of Technology in the Hall of Fame Lobby.

New Business:

Alan Wharton mentioned that a discussion was held at the state meeting in Syracuse earlier in the month regarding college officials coming from the E-town program. He reported that comments were made at that meeting alluding to the fact that E-town officials, albeit NISOA qualified referees, do not necessarily have to be accpted by a chapter because of their attendance and completion of the E-town program. (Note: NISOA policy dictates that officials must be a member of a local chapter). John Puglisi stated the Board will discuss the issue raised by Mr. Wharton.

Randy Vogt mentioned that in many years past, the chapter used to hold its interpretation meeting on a weekday evening. Given the early onset of the collegiate season at the present time, he recommended a dialogue in the chapter to return from a Saturday morning mandatory meeting to a weekday evening. An unofficial show of hands was given by the membership in attendance (76 members) and appeared about equal in numbers for keeping Saturday morning versus changing to a weekday evening. This dialgue will continue to be discussed at the chapter business meetings this season.

Joe Danbusky motioned to adjourn at 11:30 AM.

Next meeting Tuesday, 15 September 2009 at the New Hyde Park Knights of Columbus.

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