OCTOBER 22, 2008
New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order at 7:35PM by President John Puglisi.

John summarized the minutes of the last meeting (06 October 2008). Members are urged to submit their recommendations for sportsmanship to Steve Lewin via e-mail by the end of the month. Minutes accepted and approved.

Joe Danbusky informed the chapter that dues were beginning to come in. A current bank balance was not available at present. Flip coins and badges are available for purchase.

Discussion of recent payment made by ECAC. Please verify fees are correct before accepting match. If any payment discrepancies, allow two weeks for school to generate check. If not successful, follow up through A.D.; do not let time lapse --- collection then becomes difficult.

Be aware of requirements of each assigning website. Some websites require commentary when closing a date.

Discussion of situations encountered this season:
-player punched ball person,
-AR gave "international salute" to spectators,
-AR commentary with assistant coach,
-caution/send-off of coaches or bench personnel.

Lively discussion of ejection of trainer. (Ed. note: see A.R. In the event the trainer is ejected from the game and no suitable certified medical authority or replacement is available.....ensure that the trainer is within a reasonable distance to be summoned in the event of an emergency.

Meeting adjourned 8:10PM

Next event: Awards dinner, Tuesday 18 November 2008

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