OCTOBER 6, 2008
New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order at 7:25PM by President John Puglisi.

John apprised members in attendance of the changes in attendance requirements voted on by the chapter. Anyone unsure of their attendance obligations may contact Joe Danbusky.

Mention was made of dues obligations. Joe Danbusky pointed out that the chapter constitution specifies that dues be paid by 01 November each year. Dues are accepted up to mid-December each year because of obvious late-payers. Joe stated that the chapter must register with NISOA each year by 31 December. Anyone who registers after 31 December is charged a late registration fee of $100 by NISOA on top of the chapter dues of $160 for active officials.

Changes in members' status from active to inactive do not automatically trigger a refund. Once registered with NISOA, the dues are non-refundable. Extreme circumstances may be addressed to the chapter Board for adjustment of the chapter portion of dues.

John summarized minutes of the last meeting. Minutes approved and accepted. Seconded by Steve Lewin.

John advised members in attendance of upcoming election of officers of the chapter, and turned the floor over to Bob Soskis, chair of the Election committee. Bob presented the following slate for election:
President: John Puglisi
Executive Vice-President: Steve Lewin
First Vice-President: Dennis Botsaris
Second Vice-President: Randy Vogt
Secretary-Treasurer: Joe Danbusky

There were no nominations from the floor for any of the above positions. Nominations were closed for each position; a vote was cast by the Secretary-Treasurer for each candidate presented in the slate. Officers will begin their terms on 01 January 2009. John thanked the members for their vote of confidence in the Board's abilities and pledged to continue serving the members capably in the future.

There was no old business to be discussed.

Steve Lewin spoke of the voting the chapter undertakes each year for sportsmanship and encouraged members to vote for the schools they feel are worthy of recognition. John also mentioned the in-house awards for members: referee of the year, AR of the year and chapter service awards.

John advised members of the administrative change made to the chapter constitution. Having been passed by vote, we are now able to have elections at any business meeting.

New business:

John addressed the issue of officials not availing themselves of the use of changing facilities when made available by the schools. He also pointed out that officials should not wear USSF gear to college games.

Vito Rizzi explained a situation in which he was paid the wrong fee for a match. He must pursue this with ISOAB, as they are specific in procedures for officials' payments.

John spoke of one no-show of an official. He reminded members that everybody in the officiating crew must communicate with each other prior to the match and advised that they be able to reach each other via cell phone on the day of the game.

Meeting adjourned 7:55 PM.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 22 October 2008.

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