SEPTEMBER 10, 2008
New Hyde Park, NY

Meeting called to order by President John Puglisi at 7:35PM.

John summarized salient points of previous meeting (23 August 2008). Minutes accepted; seconded- Steve Lewin.
Treasurer's report: Joe Danbusky stated statement of operations was included in packets at Interpretation meeting. Several members have paid dues for 2009, but bank deposit has not yet been made. Extra flipping coins and badges are available for purchase at all meetings. John and membership thanked Randy Vogt for the coin design.

John acknowledged the passing of Dr. Ray Bernabei and asked members to honor him by placing a black ribbon over the referee badge during all matches worked through the coming weekend.

John opened for discussion of the proposal distributed by Alan Wharton at the last business meeting. John read proposal #1 for members in attendance, then stated the Executive Board does not recommend approval of the amendment as written, for the following reasons:
-it would allow members with matches on business meeting dates to attend zero business meetings,
-the proposal, as written, gives bias treatment to officials with a large number of college assignments,
-matches scheduled for business meeting nights will be very desirable. Members who have established relationships with assignors may have preferential access to these assignments.

The chapter constitution is designed to ensure all members are treated equally. The Board feels the proposal will affect members unequally and is contrary to the spirit in which the constitution was written.

Alan Wharton (author of the proposal) said he wished to amend the proposal. John advised the proposal was entered in accordance with guidelines in the chapter constitution and rules of order. If a change is to be made, the proposal must be withdrawn, re-written and re-submitted.

Alan Wharton alluded to the increase in night games, earlier start of the collegiate season, etc. He took exception to the Board comment on preferential treatment.

Klaus Mueller pointed out that we either vote or withdraw. Alan Wharton was asked what his decision was. He then said he wanted to alter the proposal. Much discussion ensued. John pointed out that the concept of excusal from a business meeting has never been discussed at a business meeting. John asked members if they trust the Board to use discretion in considering excusals (chapter policy; flexibility) or want to amend the chapter constitution (rigidity; cast in stone) More discussion ensued.

Dennis Botsaris pointed out that meeting dates were available on the website at the beginning of the calendar year; he urged members to pick at least one date to attend a meeting.

Lance Smith asked Alan Wharton whether he would allow the Board to consider his proposal as a matter of policy rather than as a constitutional amendment. Alan Wharton will not allow the Board to consider the Board to consider circumstances as policy. As a result, he is withdrawing the proposal as written and amending it. Richard Tighe spoke of possible change of meeting dates. Discussions went back and forth between amending the constitution or setting policy with members offering their views on how to implement.

John explained that the chapter traditionally scheduled four meetings in the ten week span because this was done in the past. All are in agreement that the college soccer environment has changed. John stated he felt a sense that members do not trust the Board to use its discretion. He asked members to allow the Board to make decisions on a case-by-case basis (policy). Alan Wharton's motion is tabled.

Regarding the making of the dinner qualify as a business meeting: John personally is opposed.

Joe Danbusky supports John's efforts with the chapter website, reiterating Dennis' earlier comments. Joe asked the members to be the professionals they are: look at the dates on the website in January, pick two dates for meetings, and block the dates so the meeting attendance requirement is satisfied. Discussion went back and forth again over the number of meetings, making the dinner a business meeting, what is a busy day of soccer matches, whether anyone has a venue available for meetings, whether or not one has to work and a myriad of other scenarios.

Members wished to vote upon the second part of Wharton's proposal. Joe Danbusky called the roll of members in attendance (44). By show of hands, a vote was taken as to whether to consider the annual dinner a business meeting. Results were as follows: In favor: thirty (30); opposed: nine (9); abstain: five (5).

John proposed a change in the wording of the constitution regarding elections: from "...elections shall take place ...at the fourth meeting..." to "elections shall take place...at a scheduled business meeting..." Motion seconded by Klaus Mueller.

Meeting adjourned 8:40 PM.

Next meeting: Tuesday, 23 September 2008

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