OCTOBER 24, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM by President John Puglisi.

John informed members of the retirement of Nick Apostolides from the Board and from assessing. He introduced Klaus Mueller, who replaces Nick on the Board.

John alerted the membership to our search for a convenient location for business meetings. The KofC is a good location, but the days available coincide with the heaviest game schedule days in collegiate soccer. There is also a cost factor involved. John urged members to look for acceptable sites, preferably available at no cost to the chapter.

John asked members to help out with Board activities. Anyone interested in serving on the Board in any capacity, please contact Joe Danbusky.

Joe Danbusky reminded members of their obligation to pay dues in a timely manner.

Keith Bantz queried concerning the ECAC issuance (or non-issuance) of the payment checks for matches officiated this season. ECAC is suffering from computer problems (what a surprise!). Be patient...the check is in the mail.

Discussion ensued regarding possible action to be taken, either individually or as a group. The ECAC website lists the schools participating in their payment system. In addition, game fees are flagged when payable through the online payment system (OPS). John pointed out that participating schools have not made their required contribution to fund the payment program; one of the dominoes that fall in this system.

John recognized Nabil Al-Saeidi as declaring himself a candidate for NISOA National referee program.

Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM.

See you at the dinner 12 November 2007.

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