OCTOBER 10, 2007

Meeting called to order by President John Puglisi at 7:30 PM.

John summarized important points from previous business meeting:

Minutes of previous meeting accepted and seconded.

Joe Danbusky apologized for inability to discuss correspondence due to computer crash. Just getting back up to speed with restored system.

John will be e-mailing members for input re sportsmanship and dinner intentions.

Discussion from the floor re Riverbank parking facilities. Park below rather than on Amsterdam Avenue; vehicles are safer in the underground parking area. Mike Senkier informed members that officials can park at field level anytime per instructions from guard booth. This is not always true, as guard staff seem to be uninformed --- some more than others. Guard booth should have passes for all officials. Pat Pinzon said there were no passes at booth when she worked a match. John thinks CCNY is now the only school that plays at Riverbank; contact the school and arrange for officials’ parking.

Alan Wharton addressed the status of the current season: first rainout occurred today. Officials must check both websites for late game changes. Availability must be kept current on Wharton’s website. Officials must minimize late arrival to match. Discussion of reporting cautions for ECAC games; not previously required by ECAC. John will check into this request.

Mike McDonald queried the policy for officiating and not-in-good-standing status. Current constitution spells this out. Assignors are provided list of members in good standing after each required event to maintain status (PPT, Interpretation). Members who work matches with officials not in good standing MUST inform the Ethics chair, as this is an Ethics issue. Lengthy discussion ensued.

Joe Danbusky presented a clinic on Retirement: critical decisions for the Official.

Meeting adjourned 8:43 PM.

Next meeting Wednesday, 24 October 2007.

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