OCTOBER 17, 2006

Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM by President John Puglisi.

John addressed the members and reminded them that the minutes of all pervious business meetings are posted and available on-line. He referred to the content of the previous meeting, which addressed the election of chapter officers. The only office being contested is that of First Vice-President – the contestants are Dennis Botsaris (incumbent) and George Snizek. The voting will be held electronically via the internet. John will send all members an e-mail with a ballot for them to use in voting.

Members were reminded of the awards dinner on Tuesday, November 14, 2006. As in the past, it will be held at the Sterling at Bethpage. Cocktails are at 7:00 PM, followed by the dinner and related awards. They were encouraged to respond to the e-mail invitation; the dinner is a “perk” of a portion of the chapter dues.
The subjects of inclement weather and the cancellation / re-scheduling of matches were brought up. Officials were advised to contact Athletic Directors of home schools on days of changeable weather to ascertain that the match would be played as scheduled. Availability schedules should also be kept current.
The ECAC serves as a paymaster for schools that participate in its service. Therefore, members will shortly receive a check from ECAC in payment for matches officiated through and including October 8, 2006. Officials should keep accurate records of the games they have covered, as ECAC does not provide a listing in support of the amount of the check. A final payment will be made around November 17, 2006 for matches officiated from 09 October through the end of the collegiate season. Reinaldo Palencia  indicated the lack of accountability of the ECAC check; this has been an ongoing problem with ECAC; a problem they seem unconcerned with resolving.
Joe Danbusky told members of a new member transferring in from Indiana – Andrew Herman. There was no other correspondence.

Dues, according to the chapter constitution, are payable by November 1. As a courtesy,  they are accepted up to the end of November, as re-registration of chapter members with NISOA National is done during December. In the past, the Treasurer has been very forgiving in the laxity in which some members have remitted their dues. This will no longer happen. Any dues paid later than November will be assessed a late charge --- the later the payment, the larger the late fee.
Twenty-three officials have been assessed this season. The assessment program will be in even better shape in the future.
John reminded members that directions to the Sterling are on the website; just click on the name of the venue.

John Leavy is officiating the National Recreational Soccer finals in Arizona later this month.

Lee Suckle and Jorge Gonzalez have both been televised on Fox Soccer Channel officiating ACC matches.

Jorge Gonzalez will officiate the MLS playoff match between Chivas USA and Houston on Sunday, 22 October 2006, to be televised on either Fox Soccer Channel or ESPN2.

Meeting adjourned 8:17 PM.  See you all at the dinner! 

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