OCTOBER 4, 2006

Meeting  called to order at 7:32 PM by Executive Vice-President Steve Lewin.

Steve advised members to vote online for sportsmanship awards for the colleges as well as officials – referee of the year, new official, outstanding AR, etc. New official votes pertain to any member in the association is the last two years. John Puglisi will send a mass email to the membership to use in the voting. Voting for chapter Board members will also be done online. Steve noted that the recognition awards for new official, referee of the year, AR can be won only once. The chapter is moving with technology and trying to handle everything electronically; it is much easier to tally votes this way. Members were strongly urged to vote their selections even though the season is not yet complete. Programs and plaques must be ordered for the Awards dinner in November ; this cannot be postponed until the last minute.

Steve told members of an incident that occurred at a match wherein the coach of a team verbally abused the AR and the referee, using foul language in a loud tone of voice. The referee cautioned the coach.  Lively discussion among members ensued. The Board reminded members that it is their duty to protect the AR and, when a coach or bench personnel make a spectacle by using foul language, they must  be ejected. Joe DeCristoforo  told members that the issuance of a red card puts the incident on record with the conference and the NCAA. In regard to this matter, Alan Wharton, ECAC Assignor, said he was not made aware of this incident. He has received match evaluations of officials, which, for the most part, are favorable. Alan will follow up on this matter.

Continuing with ECAC, Alan spoke of a conversation he had with Steve Rossetti, ECAC administrator, about the fifty plus turnbacks that have occurred thus far in the season. There is thought of imposing a $25 fee  in the future for turning back games for no legitimate reason. Discussion was held concerning the failure to close out dates on availability schedules. Joe Danbusky pointed out that it is a common problem because the AssignByWeb program is used by both the ECAC and Region XV. Officials are updating one schedule, thinking that the close out dates go to both conferences, which is not so. Alan urged officials to verify match locations with the schools because field availability changes frequently.  He also reminded officials to arrive to matches in a timely manner, dressed in NISOA apparel (not USSF). Steve reiterated the importance of keeping availability up to date. Jay Gurka inquired re the procedure for when a referee arrives late for a match (3 man system). Administrative Ruling #65 addresses this issue.

Steve told members that dues of $140 are due by the dinner ( 14 November). Assessor dues are as follows: Local - $40, Regional - $50, National - $60. These amounts are added on to chapter dues if they apply to you.

Joe DeCristoforo thanked members for their diligence, noting that ethics cases this year have been at an all-time low over that last six years.


Lou Minutoli presented the slate of officers running for  election / re-election. The current Board members are all running for re-election. Nominations were accepted from the floor as follows:

President – no candidates presented – nominations closed;
Executive Vice-President – no candidates presented – nominations closed;
First Vice-President – R. Palencia  nominates George Snizek; second Tom Cully – nominations closed;
Second Vice-President – no candidates presented – nominations closed;
All nominations closed.

The office of First Vice-President is being contested : D. Botsaris / G. Snizek.


Joe Danbusky distributed the worksheets for the critical match incidents. NISOA this year provided clips from the Big 12 Conference championships of 2005. Twelve incidents were shown .  Spirited discussion was held regarding the incidents. The incidents shown and the rationale behind the decisions made were provided to officials to assist them in their recognition of fouls and  improvement in their skills in the handling of game/player management.

Meeting adjourned 8:27 PM.  Next meeting Tuesday, 17 October 2006.

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