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ECAC Match Fees

3 Man System
Asst. Referee$135$138$142$146$150
Dual System

Registration Fees

Officials' Registration Fee

The officials shall pay to the ECAC an annual registration fee in accordance with the number of assignments each official has received and accepted as of August 15th.

Annual Registration Fee

In the three-person crew, each Referee (middle official) is assessed $10 and each Assistant Referee is assessed $7 for each ECAC soccer assignment on his/her schedule as of August 15th. In a two-person crew, each referee will pay an $8 fee.

Example: ECAC referee has three games in the middle as a Referee in a three-person crew, four games as an A.R. and two games as a referee in a two-person crew assignment; The official will pay a total of $71 as the ECAC registration fee.

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