Proposed NISOA Fitness Test Changes for 2015

NISOA’s Director of Physical Fitness, Dr. Ken Kaylor is recommending modifications to the NISOA Physical Fitness Test. Key highlights of the modifications include:

  • Eliminating the point system. Officials must pass each event.
  • Eliminating the Pro 40 Box event and reduces the number of events to three.
  • Replacing the 30M shuttle (7 x 30 meters) with a 6 x 40 meter sprint repeat test similar to the one used by US Soccer.

The significant issues driving the proposed modifications are:

  • Safety. There are too many reports of officials falling during the Pro 40 box event.
  • Better alignment with US Soccer while still not burdening chapter administrators.
  • Simplify the test to pass/fail.
  • Use gender-based scoring.

The proposed fitness test is available for review/download and is on the agenda for action at the upcoming NISOA Convention/Annual General Meeting in Buffalo, New York on July 18, 2014. We are looking for feedback and comments from members to help shape our direction on this initiative. Please comment here.

Updated August 9, 2014 – Some significant changes to the proposed test were approved by the NISOA Membership at the Annual General Meeting in July 2014. Details are available on the NISOA web site.

2014 NY Metro ISOA Awards Dinner Date Changed

Due to a conflict, the NY Metro ISOA Annual Awards Dinner has been rescheduled to November 17, 2014.

2014 NCAA Soccer Rules / NISOA Refresher Test Now Available

Once again, the NISOA Refresher Test will be administered on the Testing Tab at the NCAA Soccer Hub on The test is now available and must be taken online. The NCAA requires officials who wish to be considered for all post-season assignments to take the test and correctly answer 90 percent of the questions. NCAA allows the test to be taken twice before their imposed September 2, 2014 deadline.

Please be aware that 2014 is a rules change year for NCAA Soccer. This year’s rules test contains multiple questions about the new and changed rules. Since the NCAA Soccer Rules book has not been distributed as of today, we recommend waiting until you receive the new rules book via U.S. Mail (please be sure your mailing address is correct on your ArbiterSports profile) to take the test. In the meantime, you can use this summary of the 2014-2015 NCAA Soccer Rules changes to prepare for the test.

NY Metro ISOA members (including new members) must complete the refresher test (no pass/fail) as a condition of maintaining their “member in good standing” status. All active and probationary members must submit proof of completing the test by forwarding the email confirmation you receive from after you submit the refresher test to [email protected] Make sure you forward the confirmation email from the email address you have on record with our chapter.

If you are having problems accessing the test,  please make sure to fill out your annual registration form on the Registration tab of the NCAA Soccer Hub. You must register every year with ArbiterSports. The NCAA registration fee ($100 for non-NISOA members) is paid by NISOA as part of your NISOA dues. If you are having trouble accessing your ArbiterSports account, please contact Arbiter Sports Technical Support.

NCAA Soccer Support Contact Information


Email: [email protected]

Hours: Monday-Thursday — 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Mountain TimeFriday — 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time
Saturday — 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Mountain Time